Rise & Fall

When I read about renowned personalities, I mean people who are out of the normal line, I had this question looping in my head?

How were they able to do this? Yesterday I was listening to Benjamin Hardy’s Tedx about ‘How to turn difficult situations into progress. I got an insight which I never had, maybe I had, but never digged it.

He was telling the story of a trukk driver who was trying to collect wooden pieces and load it. He loaded it maximum and drove a bit length. After that the trukk got stopped. He got down and checked whether the trukk has got some issue with machines inside it. But it was perfect in his eyes. Again he started it and after a bit more distance, again it stopped.

This time he stepped down and observed around it. Then he lifted a few wooden pieces and threw it to the woods. Then he resume the journey. He didn’t had to stop anywhere else after that.

Here, the driver was all perfect and according to his anticipation, trukk must go smoothly. But load was the problem. Sometimes we all have excellent ideas like the exceptional ones whom we admire. The hassle is at the point how we load it and execute it.

Nobody is qualified to do anything great at the time of their birth. It’s about the type of load they are willing to carry and the idea of balancing it without syncing ourselves.

Also there’s a Pygmalion effect in all our lives. But it shouldn’t make us scary to implement what we plan. Slowly, steadily load your trukk. Fall from it. Remove the load and change the load. It’s all our choice. But at the end we are the one who carries and we should be empathetic towards ourselves as well as everything the load gonna affect.

Let’s Rise and Fall…To learn and To grow…


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