Through a recent experience I felt so bad about myself and then I observed my thought process and found one thing. People easily get affected by the places, people and objects they love. We build bonds where we feel similar energies. Can we guarantee it will sustain as it was for ever? No!! Sometimes an unexpected occurance of event,moment, word or person can help you realise new things which you never knew before. This fact might hurt you but it’s a process which help you to achieve an adherence with the fact..”nothing is permanent”. Then can we stay with out bonds by being afraid of this fact?? Never!! Just be happy at the moment. Observe the way people treat you and it conveys their inner feeling. How much we say  ‘it’s not like that. I didn’t mean that’, energy never lies. Basically if we don’t wanna loose a person, definitely actions would proportionate that. Once upon a time, there was a me who believed everyone loves back if we love them. But it’s not the same. People find new things everyday and it’s not anyone’s fault. All we can do is to be part of that flow and build a mindset to accept it when it’s known by your brain. Don’t be adamant to yourself and convince ‘it’s not like that’. They know us. It’s their situation’. Ya we can excuse for situations. But the frequency of excuses also matters. In the last one year I found a big flaw in my character and that’s about the conviction I was carrying in my head “if I love, why should they neglect. If they does so, it’s their situation “. But I found it’s a big lie and we have to accept the fact that even if it’s your most beloved… Once detached, it’s all about acceptance and being happy on yourself… Giving the best company you could give you… Treating yourself like a VIP.Hence you can smile at them and be grateful for everything they did. You can continue loving them with their priorities. I know it’s hard. But unless you make hard choices, life is gonna be more rude with you….

As I always believe… Life itself is the best teacher


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