Insomniac diary


Yes you!

She often wonder why did you left her

You might be busy on listening someone else

That’s okay

But she still miss you when her heart weeps to be listened by someone

Her brain naturally recollect your face

The words you gave her when she was extremely down

When she wasn’t able to close her eyes

She thank you for all the stories you told her

Though she didn’t know you were going to give her a life time pain

You could have wait and listen her throughout

You knew that you were the only one with whom she opened up

You know onething

She can love anyone more than you

But she knows well

None else would console her like you

None else could reply her painful thoughts

Still she can love as much she wish

But it doesn’t mean she can forget the warmth you gave in heart

She’s grateful

But during her sleepless nights

She still curse herself for not having you along

All she can do is to love… Love.. Love…

All she can do is to forgive… Forgive… Forgive..

Bcz’ she know, everyone have lost someone who listened them unconditionally

Maybe a mom, a besty, a partner, a brother, a dad or even a stranger who had listened

Unconditional listeners won’t last or we would often loose them..

Like what she did

Or what happened to her


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