Dear me!! I’m sorry

I do often think when my life flows totally against expectations

Am I living with the motive to love or to be loved?

We can do things with contentment

Or simply retain power through obligations

Why am I becoming angry about the real things my brain acknowledged already

This is how the emotions override logical reasons

That’s why I am still thinking about past

That’s what I am afraid of people

That’s what I am afraid of me

I’m sorry dear me… For keeping all these small details in my head

The sweetest memories… The craziest moments and the tearful stories

That’s how it is supposedly

I will express as it is Bcz’ I don’t wanna live with the fear of rejection by the standards set by anyone

Evenif the sky falls down, I wanna stand up, heads high, heart full of gratitude and hope for goodness

Dear self… At times I fall down and cry for the promises I gave

But I won’t give up as I love you life for everything I am blessed with


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