Keep promises…

We say things

And when it loose the transparency,

When things looks blurred

Again we say “I didn’t mean that. You mistook it. You are convincing me”

Why should I listen the blame for other’s poor communication

Let them fix it first before they make promises which they don’t even remember

Let them set the priorities before they guess my feelings and say it’s wrong

Let them take whomever they wish to without interfering my existence

Let them stop lying about their actions

Your life is your responsibility and your promises are yours

The same for mine too

When someone say “It all started once you entered in my path”

Just review the statement and guess the pain if you are listening it

And again you say “I didn’t mean, but I have promises to keep, though you are there or not”

Healthy bonds are not built of mere promises

For anyone who are struggling with your bonds when someone entered, just communicate it clearly

It’s not the problem with the new one, but you don’t know how to be pure with both

Showing a different face at different place and people can’t save you for a long-term

Because actors are also humans once they sets out of stage

For me, I value that ‘ being clear’ than anything


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