I do listen this from many people

“You have changed a lot”

When the people knew me in the past says this

Initially I used to criticize and tell me

“They might have felt hurt

I shouldn’t have changed my nature”

After a long time I realized something which I never thought before

People rarely change

Even if they change, it’s more or less of what they already have!!

When a shift in character is much required for your own validation

Though it seems to be wrong for everyone who knows you till the moment

Go ahead and see what happens

Either it’s a lesson or it’s beginning of another era

Life has this quite wonderful transition which is much indeed

For the people who say you’ve changed

It’s the affirmation which your life gives back for the inputs you received and processed

Be happy for the changes

Either it can break or it can make

Moreover it’s better than being stagnant


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