A cup of tea!!

For a cup of tea..

For a balcony..

For an evening..

There are so many stories to tell about me that I don’t even know how to tell.

Because it’s probably a heavy task for the brain to remember all this until the tea is over.

How many friendships the whole world has started with a cup of tea. How many of us have run out of tea?

Can’t we just tell someone.. we want to go and have tea with them again?

Have you ever had to share tea with someone you don’t like at all?

When you get tired of walking, what else tastes like the tea your mother gave you?

Haven’t we been conscious about the purse and just drank tea when we want to buy something else to eat?

There are those who have gone so far as to never invite me to have a cup of tea again?

Like sipping a cup of tea on the balcony .. or how did I hit it ??


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