Can I die of loneliness??

At the end of the day I used to count the moments I felt lonely!!!

And I felt I am being lonely even when I am engaged within a conversation

Or when I am actively doing something

I started thinking about people who died out of loneliness!!

It’s like a drug that makes you addictive in a slow pace

It’s a psychological thurst for an unknown destination

We will literarily feel blank if you stepped into the lonely space suddenly on a morning

But I promise you…

Once you conquest it, you know how to deal with yourself and that itself is a self realization

In this journey if I couldn’t find how to deal with my emotional imbalances and complexities, how can I ask someone else for a hand…

Once in a while… Just feel the lone incumbent state…

It helps us to retain the value of people who stood with us

Remind it.. Write it.. Feel the gratitude…

And then learn the art of holding the hands of lonely walkers and earn the courage to step out when we feel they are able to walk the rest alone, but with a smile…

Extract the substance in solidarity…

Realize the essence in aloneness…

That much dynamic life is…

Hence I believe in the power of aloneness..

Can I die out of loneliness? Probably NO…

I don’t want anyone whom I know to feel the same too


3 thoughts on “Can I die of loneliness??

      1. Ha..ha thank you…❤️
        Writing is not my passion. But sometimes it just happens by accident. I do not know why. Maybe this is also part of loneliness. Or it could be a love affair with you or an adoration for your writing.


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